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Easter Picks

Easter Picks
Because Easter snuck up on me too!

Welcome to our new series Jamie’s Picks! Monthly we will be bringing you some of the Duffield family’s favorite things generally centered around holidays, vacations and family fun.  As a mom of three girls my world is a bit (or a lot) kid-focused right now, and rather than fighting it, I’m leaning in and going to celebrate this ‘season’ of life with all I’ve got. While my husband and I are (very) tired, and (very) busy with our three small humans I am determined to make the everyday extraordinary. So here are my monthly picks that help us do just that!

March is a big month for us this year and my kids Spring Break AND Easter falls at the end of the month. So I am trying to make myself be a bit more disciplined in getting their Easter baskets filled and our spring break gear packed not at the very last minute (for once - I am an epic procrastinator when it comes to these things). So here we go:


1. Girls Stacy Ruffle Dress | Green Seersucker

If this dress doesn't make it on one of my girls for Easter, I at least know it will be a favorite in their closet all spring and summer long. This dress won't stop them from running and rolling around, it'll only move with them!

2. Kids Coverup | Weezie

Holidays are BIG in my family so we tend to go a little crazy with the easter baskets! I am trying to channel that gifting into things that will be useful for my kids all spring and summer (instead of just candy!) and I am loving these new towel coverup/dresses from Weezy! They will be a perfect present in the Easter basket that will be great for spring break and then amazing for trips to the Lake this summer!

3. A Bow (obviously).

This one speaks for itself. A bow dresses up any outfit my girls decide to put together (yes they are in that phase now) and keeps their hair out of their eyes. How cute will this be to not only dress them up, but also dress up their Easter basket!

4. Navy Easter Bunny Stuffie for Ellie

Being the third kid and baby of the family, my youngest, Ellie, gets a lot of hand me downs, so I try and find something special every now and then just for her. If you have little ones, you probably know all about how soft and cute Jellycat stuffed animals are. I thought Easter would be a great time to get Ellie her own special stuffed animal (or buddy as my kids call them) and this little bunny in navy was too cute to pass up (as you can guess I am VERY partial to anything Navy!) 

5. Perfect easter basket | Pottery Barn

I mean, how cute are these! I love having a great personalized Easter basket for each of the girls, and as this is Ellie’s first Easter I get to pick out a new one! 

6. Native Shoes

With shoes I think less about what looks good but more about what is going to keep up with every adventure my girls get themselves into...and I STAND BY Natives!! But, these shoes are still such a cute classic. They will definitely be wearing these while running around looking for Easter eggs.

7. No mess egg decorating

My kids LOVE crafts, so I am always looking for new craft activities for them that are an easy set up and clean up! Traditional egg decorating is always fun, but we recently discovered this egg decorator kit, and the girls loved customizing their wooden eggs. They were able to do this on their own, and I loved using their decorated eggs as part of our easter decorations (and because they are not real eggs we can save them and bring them out year after year).

8. Jan Dress | Green Seersucker

This dress is a top pick of mine from the spring drop! It checks all the boxes: fresh new green seersucker,  Classic shirt dress styling, Flattering (nice swingy fit), and of course pockets! It is unlined, which I love as it feels so soft and easy. I even wore it as a coverup on our recent trip to Florida. I know I will be reaching for it again and again this spring and summer. 

9. Girls Annika Dress | Seersucker Color Block

I couldn't pick just one seersucker girl's dress, and that's perfect because I've got more than enough girls that get to wear them! This one can coordinate with any of our green or blue seersucker women's the options are endless!

10. Cadbury Mini Eggs

While I am a dedicated dark chocolate fan, I make a yearly exception for these mini eggs. They are just SO good. (I even made my husband Ryan stop on the way home from our date night to grab a bag for us as “dessert”...had to have a little treat before we got home to the kids!)

11. Bunny Pajamas

What started as a tradition for Christmas Eve pajamas (a tradition which funny enough inspired the entire concept of Duffield Lane!) has become a multi holiday event! I love getting fun Pjs for my girls to celebrate holidays in, and our Bunny PJs, in the cutest blue bunny print, are just so fun. I know they will love wearing these all spring long. (we also have ones for mom too if you want to get into the bunny fun - I couldn’t resist…pictures of the girls, me and my mom all in our best bunny pjs coming soon ;)

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