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Expertly crafted in our feel-good Peruvian Cotton and our core colors of navy and white, our Anniversary collection features timeless pieces that have been fan favorites over the last ten years. We are thrilled to bring them back to celebrate a Decade in Duffield Lane! 

From our first collection of pajamas, our goal has been to make styles that are polished yet feel amazing! This blend of modern comfort and classic style has been the core of Duffield Lane for a decade. Even as we have expanded beyond pajamas into dresses, tops, and more we have used this goal as our guiding principle – ensuring that every time you wear Duffield Lane you will FEEL as good as you look. The pieces in our Anniversary collection are customer favorites that epitomize the classic polished Duffield Lane style that are made from our favorite signature stretch Peruvian cotton that truly feels amazing. 

I am so proud to re-release these timeless styles. I always said I want to make clothes that you can look back on with joy and cherish the memories made in them (and not think about what you were wearing!) and these styles look just as great now as they did when first released by Duffield Lane. I can’t wait to make all new memories in these new navy and white classics! 


It all began with some luxurious Navy Pajamas

Our original collection of loungewear was launched in 2014. Our goal was to provide loungewear that was not only extremely comfortable but was put together enough to wear out and about! We did our first trade shows and saw our products sold in stores for the first time.


We saw our customers wearing the DL loungewear

You were wearing it out of the house, to the beach, and for brunch... and we knew were onto something! Why shouldn’t your clothes feel as good as loungewear? So, in 2015 we took our signature feel-good Peruvian cotton fabric and expanded the line into vacation-ready dresses and tops! This year we also moved into our offices!


Expanding the Line Into Seasons

Keeping the same classic and polished look from our original collection, this year was the first time we featured 5 full collections: Resort, Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday! 


Duffield Lane’s First Store

Just 2 weeks before giving birth to her first daughter, Jackie, Jamie opens the first ever Duffield Lane retail store in our home town, in Michigan.


Say Hello to the Little Ladies Collection

As Jamie Duffield had her first daughter in 2017, it was not long until the Duffield Lane line for little girls arrived. What began as a few mommy and me styles has grown into its own stand-alone kid's collection featuring six collections a year! 


DL Goes Remote

Duffield Lane went fully remote, but kept things running...and Jamie had a baby! Of course we doubled down on the kids collection this year.


Duffield Lane Leland Boutique Opens

Duffield Lane Leland Store - Leland is nestled at the tip of Michigan in between Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan. A small harbor Fishtown made for the perfect pop-up location for Duffield Lane… It went so well that it is now a permanent Spring & Resort style store.


DL Active Collection Launches

Now being a mother of 2, chasing the kids, and getting into an active lifestyle, I figured Duffield Lane should enter the active style industry!


Tenth Anniversary

A full decade in the making... we're thrilled to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with this iconic Duffield Lane collection. This collection is inspired by our greatest hits over the years, and full of our favorite styles, colors and prints.