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DL Behind the Scenes - New Website!

Posted on 22 November 2015

We are having so much fun building Duffield Lane that we thought it only fair to share that fun with you! So we are introducing our new series of blog posts: DL Behind the Scenes! With DL Behind the Scenes, we are hoping to give you a glimpse into our world as a new (and growing!) women's fashion brand. From photo shoots to design workshops to our crazy travel and trade show adventures, we want to share it all and hope that you will come along with us for the crazy ride. 

[Favorite outtake from the shoot: Toby makes a guest appearance on camera]

Our latest project has been bringing you the new and improved And as part of the site we wanted to make sure we had the best possible photography of our fabulous pieces. This sounds simple but when we got down to it, it meant re-shooting over 100 pieces. This is no small feat especially when you want to get great, consistant shots, and make sure to have the four different shots we use for each product that you find on our product pages. These shots are the: front, back, side (and my favorite) the sassy pose! This photo shoot was more a marathon than a sprint, and as such we knew we had to bring in the big guns for our model: enter Maggie! 

The beautiful Maggie in action.

[Maggie models the Barrie Dress]

Lucky for us Maggie is a local Grand Rapids girl with some major big city talent. Her resume includes some big names like Nike and the US Olympic Campaign so needless to say, we are always thrilled to work with her! Not only does Maggie take great photos (and look effortlessly gorgeous) but she is super sweet and an absolute pleasure to work with, which is key when the shoots is going to last 8 hours!   

Ryan and his sidekick Toby

[Ryan and his sidekick Toby Keith]

The other (often unsung) hero of our photoshoots/website/all things technology based, is our photographer: Ryan. Ryan not only helps run the day to day business of Duffield Lane but he takes ALL the photography. And as a self taught (former lawyer) photographer he does a pretty darn good job. I am always amazed at how patient and consistent he is at shoots, making sure even when we have been at it for over 7 hours that we still take the time to get the perfect pose, or to play with our jewelry look to make sure we get it just right.


[Katie the DL Stylist/Sales Director hard at work]

And speaking of getting it just right, no DL behind the scenes is complete without a big thank you to our Director of Sales, Katie, who doubles as the DL Stylist at photo shoots. She helps Maggie with hair and makeup, helps me style each outfit with the right shoes and accessories and even runs out for food when we all start to get "hangry" 4 hours in! Katie is not just a team player, in a lot of ways she is the whole team! As anyone with experience in a small businesses knows, having a great people around you is absolutely key. We all wear a lot of hats and juggle a lot of diverse responsibilities, and Katie manages to transition from Director of Sales to Stylist with ease and style! 

At the end of the day I am super proud to bring you the finished product of our shoot here at We hope you like the end result as much as we do. We would very much love to hear what you think so please share your thoughts!


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